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Pioneers of plant-based food since 1993

who we are

VBites are the leading makers of meat-free, vegan meat substitutes. Manufactured in the UK our products are distributed worldwide and no other 100% vegan company comes close in terms of range. Through our taste-obsessed research and development, we are focused on delivering a wide variety of delicious and healthy meat substitutes to satisfy the most discerning meat-reducer.

We’ve been in business for over 27 years and are continuously expanding with a vision to continue creating innovative and tasty products. We are a pioneering leader in the world of food technology, employing inventive means to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of food science, employing a huge team of passionate people.

environmental impact

At our roots, we are a vegan company. We care about the planet, our health and the welfare of animals, and that pervades everything we do, from the way we support small businesses to the choice of ingredients in our products.

In short, our mission is to deliver all of the taste and texture of meat, fish and dairy products, but without the harmful dietary, environmental, welfare and sustainability drawbacks of pastoral agriculture and fishing.

Established in 1993, long before the
current trend in plant-based startups,
we have been pioneering meat, fish and dairy alternatives for over 25 years.

Our Founder - Heather Mills

In 1993, Heather Mills’ modelling career came to an abrupt end when she was struck by a police motorcycle outside Kensington Palace Hotel in London. Her body was thrown in one direction, her left leg in another and she suffered severe injuries to her head, pelvis, ribs and lungs. Remarkably, there was a doctor near the scene who saved her from bleeding to death but could not save her leg.

Heather wasn’t going to let the loss of most of her lower leg affect her life. In fact she refused to think negatively about it and instead saw it as a new beginning – the start of a new life. As a consequence, Heather has helped thousands of people around the world who’d had their lives torn apart by land mines, she has become vegan and fights to save animals from suffering and is now a patron of Viva! and the VVF.

After the loss of her leg, a persistent infection in Heather’s residual limb refused to clear despite antibiotics and medication. Nothing worked until a friend recommended the Hippocrates Institute in Florida which had helped to cure her breast cancer.

In a leap of faith, Heather checked out of hospital in London and went to the US where she was required to come off all antibiotics and other medication and adopt a wholefood vegan diet (with zero junk foods!).

Wheat grass and garlic poultices were applied to the wound and in just one week the infection had cleared up and the healing process had begun, progressing so quickly that Heather was able to have a prosthetic leg fitted while she was at the Institute.

By now a successful entrepreneur and business woman  in 2007 Heather bought the Redwood Wholefood Company and VBites was born!

“I am delighted that VBites are now the UK’s leading manufacturers of plant-based food. Following a plant-based diet not only offers huge health benefits it can help make a significant difference to climate change. And it makes you feel great!”