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Merry Christmas

Select your Christmas delivery time slot today! Hurry, as only a limited number of slots are available!

The world's first Vegan bacon

Cooked to perfection to your personal choice of soft and succulent or crunchy and crispy.

Perfect for a Vegan bacon sandwich or full English.

New Cheezly Range

Exceptional alternatives to dairy cheese that are plant-based delicious, nourishing and allergen free.

Same great cheese, without the dairy

Family favourites

Feed the kids Vegan food they'll love! Our Fish Fingers are 100% Vegan and made with natural ingredients.

Something everyone will love

Love at first VBite - a plant based cheese you’ll adore!

Our Vegan Dairy Free Smokey Cheddar style Cheezly delivers a hearty Smokey flavour.

Great for a classic sandwich, gooey toastie and more! 

Perfect for Christmas.


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Create the Ultimate Vegan Burger

with VBites Cheezly